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Folie À Plusieurs is a creative studio that uses scent as a device for deepening the emotional and kinaesthetic engagement with art across a range of creative practices. Launched in 2015 by Kaya Sorhaindo, the studios aim is to elevate the cultural value of fragrance and broaden its use and relationship to the human experience. Conceptual olfactive works of limited production, fragrances are carefully composed and handcrafted by visionary perfumers in concert with works of international artists.

The name and practice of la Folie à Plusieurs / the Madness of Many  is inspired by the psychiatric syndrome ‘Folie à Deux’, conceptualized in 19th century French Psychiatry by Charles Lasègue and Jean-Pierre Falret in which symptoms of a delusional belief are transmitted from one individual to another. Folie has taken this condition of ‘Shared Madness’ as a creative process for the manner in which each of its olfactive projects are conceptualized and a metaphor for collaboration, creativity and contemporary perfumery.


Folie À Plusieurs





The Manifesto



for Life, Creativity, Madness and Contemporary Perfumery



Perfume is a medium. Use it like the hammer that extends the arms and the wheel that extends the legs.



Perfume should not be used as an accessory to the body, but an accessary to the mind. They are not to be worn by you, but should live through you.



Don’t see a perfume as they are, see them as you are. What ever story a fragrance company tries tells you about a fragrance, know that it is incomplete without its lead character - You.



A good perfume is a narcotic, highly addictive and subversive. Like an illegal substance or conspiracy it is restricted by commercial perfumery, but finds its light in darkness and its place amongst the rebellious. Seek them out. We are here and you will be embraced.



A perfume must have an aspiration that extends beyond just smelling good on a person and occupying a cabinet or perfume counter. Look for its aspiration and not only will you connect more deeply with it, it will serve to expand you in some many ways.



Let your ideas become your ideals. Anyone can arrive at a good idea for a perfume at some point in thier life and many have, but few can create one with a true aim of endeavor, a purpose beyond onto itself and its industry and assigned function — free of compromise.



Perfumes don't engage with seasons, they are seasonless and timeless. Do not create for the market, create the market. An artistic perfume takes whatever time it needs. Don’t let the schedule of the industry, trade fairs, distributors or shops dictate your creative process.



Less branding the better. No branding the best. If the branding deteriorates over time in itself it becomes a performance. If it disappears — its a work of art or even cooler magic. Let people follow you for the meaning and experience of the brand and products... Not only for the image. If you remove your brand name and logo from your products or shop they should still be identifiable.



We are all fractured individuals, but through these cracks we find the light. Break everything, even yourself or a few hearts. Force the crack open and let the light shine through.



The most anticipated is boring, as you already know.



Be irrational, be difficult, be emotional. Be whatever you feel. Creativity can not exist without emotions, much less a perfume. Do not let any business person or anyone tell you stop being emotional. Your business is to be creative and the currency of creativity is feelings.



The process is always the product.



Get your heart broken and if you survive break it again. The deeper the grief, the closer you will come to the true creative yearnings of the heart.



Be honest and you will reveal yourselves. Avoid the impulse of trying to be "An individual" or "Different" from others; this will come naturally if your honesty, don't force it.



You are not accountable to anything but the creative process. You do not owe anyone an explanation or answer... if there was ever an answer in the first place.



"The insane spend their lives trying to understand. The sane live there lives trying to know." Those that understand us, enslave something in us. Choose insanity, it will offer you freedom from definition in perfumery and any other creative discipline...and its so much more fun to be crazy.



Always sacrifice the lesser goals for the greater.



Contemporary perfumeries that aim to create true cultural value and have real purpose should not be sold in any apothecaries, department stores or concept boutiques, but in museums, galleries or any other spaces that enable human expansion and foster creativity. With the financial needs of a company this could be challenging at first, however aim for complete independence from traditional retail and distribution channels and foster a direct relationship with your fans. Shops come and go, loyal fans make good brands live forever. 



The things that stay outside the perfume industry, ultimately influence the industry. Inside — the perfume community is small, but outside is everything else... Position yourself outside and you will have a wider view.



The small committee that have defined modern concepts of luxury have cheapened it. Create new notions of luxury... a hint... it has nothing to do with a material object, and everything to do with creating a meaningful human experience.



Do everything in opposites of the expected and you will attract an outcome of true differentiation. It is such a simple concept and creative process, but it holds all the weight and magic in the world.



Fame and love will never come in one bottle. If you aim for fame expecting love and miss your target you will see the true number of people that really love you. Put love in what you do, and if it is true, people will feel it and find you. If not, who cares... as long as your having fun.



Be incognito. Leave the stage for pop stars. Sometimes no communication, is all the communication you need. If you go missing from the scene or are inactive on social media — don't fret. Good ideas come with disconnection, experimentation and times of solitude. Observe from the shadows and appear when they least expect it. The element of surprise is always an element of excitement.



If you have a partner that does not share your vision, he/she will never see your product. Run! It is better to finance it yourself and struggle, then to compromise on the whims of a person with absolutely no creative vision or real passion for the industry you occupy.



"Awards are like hemorrhoids, every asshole gets them at some point." and we will probably be the assholes judging your work. Don’t let an award or some perceived respected figures be the only validation of your worth/work. If you can avoid awards completely.



"What comes in the way, becomes the way", there has never been truer words said. Obstacles are opportunities camouflaged and the breaking point is often the point of break through. 


Perfumery 2018 - …



The Folie À Plusieurs Lexicon


BODY can·vas

\ ˈbä-dē \ \ ˈkan-vəs \

1 :A body that fully accepts the perfume as a space to inhabit to perform its magic.

2 :A area where a perfume is applied.

3 : A area where an olfactive concept and art piece can be exhibited and fully embraced.


Using scent as a medium of communication and a device for deepening the emotional and kinaesthetic engagement with art; Kaya's cross-disciplinary projects offer new areas of inspiration in perfumery.





Founder & Creative Director


With over 15 years experience as a Creative Director working in the fields of fashion, art, beauty, and publishing, Kaya is the founder and creative director of FOLIE À PLUSIEURS.



In 2008 Kaya conceptualized SIX SCENTS PARFUMS, the first niche perfume company that aligned cutting edge fashion designers with renowned perfumers to create a new breed of compelling fragrances. The scents were launched in the form of an installation exhibited in New York (New Museum), Moscow, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Paris, Arnhem, and Miami, and between 2009 through 2012 was sold in over 250 stores worldwide. Proceeds from each collection were donated to a different charity.

Since, Kaya has realized over 63 fragrances by a range of international artists, and has worked with galleries, art institutions, and brands on scent communication platforms and several contemporary olfactive projects. For two years he served as judge for THE ART AND OLFACTION AWARDS in the category of "Experimental Work with Scent", and won a CANES LIONS for packaging design and FIFI AWARD for Best Indie Fragrance.

Kaya has commissioned and collaborated with artists David LaChapelle, Marco Brambilla, Alfredo Jaar, Madonna, Steven Klein, Michel Gondry, David Lynch, Olaf Breuning, Brooke Stamp, Emilie Baltz, Sam Smith, Peter Beard, Iman Bowie, Larry Clark, Alek Wek, Azuma Makoto, Robert Knoke, Terence Koh, Casey Spooner, Justin Edward John Smith, Alia Raza, Rainer Judd, Iain & Jane, Sue De Beer, Lucas Michael, Juun. J, Gareth Pugh, Damir Doma, 3.1 Philip Lim, Mary Katrantzou, Rad Hourani, and N.Hoolywood. 












Our Perfumers



Creative Contributors


Lucas Sieuzac





Inquisitive, devoted and epicurean! Coming from a dynasty of perfumers. Lucas sieuzac began his career in 1994 when he realized the greatest accomplishment in life would be to create beauty through the senses. As a third-generation perfumer, formally at Symrise and Cosmo, he is now exploring his creativity with Euro Fragrances in Barcelona. Sieuzac has developed compelling fragrances for brands such as Comme des Garçons and Amouage.


Antoine Lie



BOOBS & FLOWERS (ART w/ Olaf Breuning), THIS IS THE HUNT (ART w/ Nissa Nishikawa), POST TENEBRAS LUX (FILM, 70'S PORNO (ART- w/ Marco Brambilla), PATTERN HOURS ( ART w/ 1000 Names), OIL ON CANVAS (ART w/ Mathew Murphy), INFERNO (ART w/ Alfredo Jaar), PARADISO (ART w/ Alfredo Jaar)


Born in Strasbourg, France, Antoine lie has always obsessed about the smell of things. Balancing the demands of an insatiable perfume industry with the artisanal sensibilities required to create lasting and memorable works, lie has often been described as both subversive and commercial in the same sentence. Supporting this claim is the dichotomy and depth of his work on a broad spectrum of unique scents including Wonderwood (Comme Des Garçons), eau de protection (Etat Libre D’orange) and Red +Ma (Blood Concept). After working with the major perfume houses and luxury brands such as Ermenegildo Aegna, Givenchy, Kenzo, Tom of Finland, Valentino and Versace, lie joined the paris perfumery team of Takasago in 2011.


Maurice Roucel





Symrise’s master perfumer, genuine artist perfumer, sensual aesthete of the exclusive raw materials. He started his career at Chanel, where he spent 6 years and discovered the mysteries of haute-parfumerie. His work is a unique combination of creativity, passion and expertise. The fragrance industry has recognized him with numerous accolades and awards and since 2011, Maurice Roucel is chevalier des arts et des lettres.


Emilie Coppermann




As every artist does, Emilie Copperman believes in the power of dreams. Indeed she discovered her passion for the world of fragrances at the age of 14. The magical encounter with the perfumer of the Rochas house was a determining factor in her life. She then decided to study organic chemistry and learned the job of perfumer at the prestigious International Institute of Perfumes, Cosmetics & Aromas in Versailles. For over 20 years, she has been working for the most prestigious fashion and designers brands. Her success relies on her capacity to follow feminine intuition. Her work has been many times awarded by peers and institutional recognitions such as Lalique Prize of the Talents Du Luxe in 2011. Accomplished woman, Emilie is also the mother of 4 children: an other job she manages with the same energy and passion !


David Apel





David Apel, VP and senior perfumer for Symrise, is one of the internationally top-ranked professionals in his field. he has composed numerous highly-regarded fragrances—many of which have won American and European Fragrance Foundation Awards. David began his career in 1980 in the fragrance labs as Givaudan, where he became captivated by the raw materials of perfume creation and embarked on a journey to study perfumery. After the apprenticeship, studies at home and abroad, and heading the chromatography laboratory, he became a perfumer. From 1993-1997, david worked as a fine fragrance perfumer in paris, joining fragrance resources and eventually returning to the us to open their fine fragrance creation center in New York. He returned to Givaudan in 2001 as executive perfumer of fine fragrance and then joined the Symrise team in 2007, bringing with him a wealth of international expertise and, of course, his passion for creating beautiful, luxurious fragrances.


Carlos Vinals





Carlos’ passion for perfumery began at an early age and was fueled by his father, an acclaimed flavorist. His father would bring home different scents every night and test Carlos as part of a game. Carlos began his perfumery training at iff in 1985 under the watchful eye of his mentor, Carlos Benaim. As part of his training, he spent time in Barcelona, Grasse and Paris. He joined Givaudan in 1994, where he had the opportunity to travel on a scent trek to the rain forest of costa rica. Carlos draws a lot of creative inspiration from this incredible experience. During his nine years at Givaudan, Carlos had great success with many highly-acclaimed brands. Prior to joining Symrise in 2009, Carlos spent three years at both Takasago and fragrance resources. Carlos has two children and lives near the beach in New Jersey. As an adrenaline junkie, he enjoys mountain biking, skiing and riding motorcycles.


Christelle Laprade





Christelle was born in the south of France, where the warm and vibrant scents of the “garrigue” meet the deep blue of the mediterranean sea. A childhood spent in the landscapes painted by Paul Cezanne imprinted her memory with the bold colors of it’s rough nature, and instilled in her a passion for scents. She is currently working in Symrise’s new york studio; the city’s eclectic styles and exuberant energy fuel her creativity now. Being away from her country makes her appreciate what she left behind and her creations combine both cultures. For christelle, a perfume is a second skin. It’s intimate, it touches the soul. What fascinates her about her work is to be able to inspire emotions, imprint memories, and create ethereal beauty.


Alex  Carlin





Fascinated by the power of words, Alexandra has always been attracted to the world of literature. Often inspired by places and atmospheres described in books, she likes to translate them through her compositions. She has natural artistic sensitivity and appreciates all forms of self-expression through movement such as horseback riding and dance, especially Indian dance which she practices. Perfumery revealed itself as a vocation and as a way to tell stories when she was 18 years old. Determined to find fulfillment as a perfumer, she entered the International Institute of Perfumes, Cosmetics and Aromas (Isipca) in Versailles in 2002 and joined Symrise as junior perfumer in 2007. According to Alexandra, "raw materials are rich with sense and emotions".


Nathalie Benareau





Nathalie Abides by the Mantra “live a colorful life, embrace the unexpected.” She began her career as an organic chemist at Firmenich in Geneva. After moving to the us, she chose to follow her true passion, perfumery, and began training as a perfumer’s assistant at Intarome. She continued her classical training at Manheimer and became a perfumer in 2006. During her time there, she fell in love with natural raw materials and became an expert in developing natural and organic fragrances. She has been a perfumer at Symrise since 2008, and joined the New York fine fragrance team in 2011. Nathalie draws inspiration from her numerous travels and multicultural background. She grew up in France near the alps, which she still visits every year to snowboard and indulge in french cuisine and culture. Most of her childhood summers were spent with her mother’s family in La Rioja, the famous Spanish wine region. La Rioja’s diverse landscape and untouched beauty fueled her interest in creating scents. She also has a passion for everything flamenco and has studied Cante, music and dance for many years. Nathalie holds a master’s degree in chemistry and chemical engineering from the national engineering school of chemistry in toulouse.


Evelyne Boulanger





As a mother, Vvelyne likes to share intimate moments with her close friends and family. Among her favorite pastime is to spend weekends in the countryside with her close friends. While she loves being around her family and friends, she also enjoys spending time on her own, deep-sea diving, and exploring nature. Her approach to perfumery is to experiment with olfactive compositions that blend luminosity and richness. Evelyne enjoys playing with olfactory contrasts, for example combining crisp, vibrant notes with sensual woody softness. She also likes to explore new olfactive sensations, such as the smell of sea anemones of deep-sea beds. She would like to create Chypre fragrance that is more transparent, pure and luminous, in which the moss notes would not overpower the composition.


Patricia Bilodeau





Kari Arienti





Kari Arienti has worked in the fragrance industry for over 20 years. Graduating with a BS in chemistry from Lehigh University, she started at Givaudan (then Roure) as a qc chemist. After receiving ma in cosmetic science from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Kari trained at the Roure (Givaudan) perfumery school in Grasse, France. Upon return to the us, she worked in evaluation, analytical perfumery and creative perfumery, while obtaining her APC in marketing from New York University. While at Givaudan, Kari focused on specialty retail, personal care and home care fragrances. In 2006, she joined Manheimer to work on specialty retail and home environmental fragrances. After the acquisition of Manheimer, Kari joined Symrise as VP, senior perfumer.


Pierre Gueros





As a perfumer, he had the chance to work in Munich, New York City, Paris and Dubai and each of these experiences changed him deeply. Its first olfactive impressions and souvenirs date back to his childhood in his father’s atelier, who was at that time a fashion designer. The incredible leathers and furs, he used in his atelier will later inspire him rich textural fragrances. Settled today in Dubai and working for middle eastern clients he is living a fulfilling experience. Indeed perfume, in that part of the world, is present in people’s everyday life and customs. In search of constant balance and harmony, aside his hectic and exciting professional life, Pierre Constantin Gueros likes enjoying life : a rice pudding, a tagine, sweet peas and peonies, a snowing day, a night in the desert, a white coffee in Beirut or a night along the seine!


Jean Jacques





Music and perfume have a common vocabulary made up of composition and notes. Jean Jacques offers the perfect illustration of the common denominator between the two arts. At 16, he played the piano and loved jazz. At 20, one of his friends mentioned Isipca to him. It was to be a revelation that cast a veil of uncertainty over his firm intention to be a musician. He fell for the charms of perfume, in what was to be a key moment in his studies and artistic aspirations. In 1993, he joined Quest International at first to work with Pierre Bourdon then Maurice Roucel. In 1994 he was recruited by Kao Corporation, and three years later in 1997 moved to Takasago. He absolutely loves being creative, playing with raw materials as if he were playing with lego’s.


Jerome di Marino






Having lived more than 10 years in Nice, a cradle in the perfume world, it was a natural evolution for Jerome Di Marino to become a perfumer. In 2008, Marino joined Givaudan as a trainee alongside Nathalie Cetto and in 2011 joined Givenchy’s olfactive cell with Françoise Donche. Joining Takasago in 2012, Jerome started training under the guidance of Francis Kurkdjian. After following the mantra: ‘everything comes to those who wait’, we strongly believe that Marino’s time is now.


Sylvie Fisher





Sylvie Fischer is unique in the profession as she is both a female perfumer and the daughter of a female perfumer. Consequently, she grew up in a world of fragrance. Quite naturally at the age of 20, she became an apprentice perfumer which was the best way to enter the profession at the time. She started with an internship at Robertet and shortly thereafter joined Takasago, where she learned the Roure School’s Jean Carles method and the thousand and one aspects of perfumery from Pierre Bourdon and Michel Almairac. This powerful driving force completed her vision of the profession as an art, and on an everyday basis, a job requiring a passionate investment and modesty. It is precisely in this mindset that she has been working for Takasago ever since.


We use scent as a medium of branding, design and communication to create deep emotional connections that enhance the human experience.


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