» Through  Pulling Down from the Ephemeral, I tried to imagine, or make manifest a trajectory of energetic sensation downward, something that pulls..  downward, imploring new gravity within the body, a falling, a kinetic power .. as an avenue for noticing my body as a living, material, earthly being. This is the searching for a sensation of grounding, back down from the body’s always bourgeoning loss/disappearance to other, invisible even astral dimensions. « - Brooke Stamp


Pulling Down From

            The Ephemeral






Brooke Stamp Folie A Plusieurs Parfums Pulling Down From The Ephemeral

» I imagined a fragrance around Rosin, the substance that dancers use on their ballet shoes, that smells of turpentine, resin, wood, dust, musk. Associated with light musky notes and spicy facets of a warm skin accord, I went further in the evocation of an atmospheric dance. For the dry down I stretched the scent using Cypress wood and Pine sap… You can then smell a tension between the tangibility of the body, of what is grounded to the floor, and the ephemeral aspiration of the cosmos energy: spirituality. « -

Jerome Di Marino


» At the time, .. the title, Pulling Down from the Ephemeral, was like an impulse for me, .. a phrase that could encompass an entire new feeling, direction of thinking and practice. The phrase today still hovers around every artistic project, as it describes something of a desire to materialise, the dancer’s physical act of coming into being, of noticing the arrival of each movement in its purest physical form. This is distinct from the very dancerly experience/sensation of the loss of their dance to the realms of ephemera… this, the mysterious evaporating energy of dance. . « - Brooke Stamp