A dusty cape waving in the dry heat to an applause of red petals. An embroidered suit animated by the sun. Part matador, bull and ballerina.


A heart monitor echoing in an empty hospital hall. Iv drips and anesthesia. Soft skin warmed by unfamiliar hands.


Le Cinéma Olfactif

TALK TO HER (M/1 & m/2)

01 : 02 : 36 — 01 : 06 : 30

01 : 02 : 36 — 01 : 06 : 30

11 / 2017


Benigno is infatuated with Alicia, a dancer he watches from the anonymity of his apartment. After an accident, she is brought to the hospital where Benigno happens to be her caregiver. When wounded bullfighter Lydia is brought into the same ward, her companion, Marco, bonds with Benigno.


Talk To Her



by Pedro Almodóvar



» Dusty, dry heat, animalic and daring, with a touch of femininity. «

Moment 1 / Fragrance 1


» A very delicate scent. It’s mixture of hospital, rubbing alcohol, clean skin. The bright citrus top represent hope and life, and the mossy dry wood note with the musk is the stillness of Alicia’s current condition of being in a coma. «

Moment 2 / Fragrance 2


By David Apel & Nathalie Benareau


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Available in 50ml & 12ml

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» Le Cinéma Olfactif « is an ongoing olfactive film screening program of cult, classic, independent and contemporary films that are held at cinemas and art institutions worldwide. As apart of each olfactive screening an exclusive fragrance is created out of a perfumers personal response to a specific moment or character in a film. The final scent is then integrated into the film screening experience and later offered as a perfume at the Galerie Folie shop.