Poison Arrow

Folie A Plusieurs Poison Arrow

"...i constructed a mix that followed the timeline of the movie, introducing each character through their voice and connecting the songs of the mix with each woman’s state of mind...ultimately it's a journey through the female psyche."



An exclusive mix and scoring of scent



o8 / 2018 — Berlin



o1/ Edge – Lucrecia Dalt.

o2/ Fragility – Lotic.

o3/ Break up dubbing - Pepa and Ivan.

o4/ Afraid – X-TG (vocals by Sasha Grey).

o5/ Sleepwalker – Chromatics.

o6/ Soy Infeliz – Lola Beltran (Poison Arrow’s rework).

o7/ Cada Dia – Nightfall In Camp.

o8/ Concrete Void – Silva Kastel.

o9/ Shadows of Blood – Lena Platonos.

1o/ MTTM – Eartheater.

11/ El Amante Chiita de Candela.

12/ No G.D.M - Gina X (Lo Voltage Dub Mix)

13/ Misled – Yula Kasp.

14/ Ave Maria – Software.

15/ Dream Orgasm – Marisa.

16/ More Women – Saâda Bonaire.

17/ Lamb – System Olympia.

18/ Je Ne T’aime Pas – Marie Davidson.

19/ Crossroads Killer Commercial – Pepa.

2o/ Blood Of Tin – Lydia Lunch.

21/ Vie Et Mort D’Un Ego – Marie Davidson.

22/ Lunatic Vengeance – Lucia.

23/ Shakin’ All Over – The Space Lady.

24/ Mecanica – Conversation between Pepa and Punk Girl.

25/ Cangrejos En La Cocina – Linea Vienesa.

26/ Es Muy Tarde - Final Conversation between Pepa and Ivan.

27/ La Sombra Sabe (Rumba Furiosa) – Claustrofobia.



What parallels do you see between the medium of scent and music?

Scent is an important survival tool just like music. I believe that they carry powerful emotional messages and both mediums can create experiences that could lead to a cross-activation of senses in quiet a visceral way.

What was your first impression when smelling “Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown”?

The first notes that I felt was Rose and Tobacco, as I put it on it made me feel like I was in Madrid in a bar between drag queens, high heels and smoke.

Does this scent somehow speak to the type of music you produce or play?

I love this scent because it is telling me a story, it transports me to a different place and my intention is to do the same when I play and/or produce music. I think the feelings from the perfumer relates to sentiments my music deals with; Love, desire, betrayal, vice. The Feeling — "Sweet talk becomes bitter. These spices are not for seasoning. Flowers of love decaying and cigarette in hands shaking." 

Can you guide me a little through the steps in your creative process when curating the music for the mix?

I related the different women of the film to the different ingredients of the scent, so for example; Pepa was Cigar Accord and Orris, Candela was Pink Pepper, Marisa was Bulgarian rose, Lucia was Date etc… After that I chose songs that resonate to both the woman and their respective ingredients. Then I constructed the mix following the time line of the movie, introducing each character through their voice connecting the songs of the mix with each woman’s state of mind, it's a journey through the female psyche.

Photography by  Cornelia Thonhauser

Photography by Cornelia Thonhauser


Did the selection of music come natural based on the feeling of the fragrance?

I think it came as much from the movie as it did from the fragrance. This scent being part of the Le Cinema Olfactif series makes it is difficult to keep the movie, Almodovar and his vibrant palette away from the music selection. I also think that all the artists of the mix can be strong characters of any Almodovar film. It reflects women who are driven purely by emotion.

Many perfumes evolve across three note scales (TOP, HEART, FOUNDATION/BASE NOTE); with each one transitioning into the next to ultimately chart the journey and experience of the fragrance. If you were to break the journey of your mix into the above phases, how would you describe each phase or progression of the mix FROM TOP TO BASE.

Top note: Fear, anxiety, and depression

Heart: Womanhood

Resolution: Empowerment

Can you explain a little about you approach for integrating some of the dialogue and the reason why you chose those specific dialogues from the film?

All the women in the film are very dramatic, intriguing and living frustrating love situations. Each dialogue introduces a different woman and the problems causing their nervous breakdown.

There are a lot of female vocals woven throughout the mix, is there a specific narrative that you were looking for in each of these tracks?

There is an intentional arc related to the introduction of the characters as well as the changes the women experience. The vocal tracks are placed in such a way to best translates these changes; at the beginning of the film there was despair, fear, anger, weakness and insecurity and as the mix goes on these feelings evolve into strength, empowerment and bliss. I tried to score the emotions of the fragrance and the film.

What was the idea behind ending the mix on a male vocal (while throughout the mix there ONLY female vocals)?

The whole point of the movie is that sometimes being on the verge of nervous breakdown gives us strength to regain control of our lives. The mix ends with the last time Pepa talked to Ivan. After 48h trying to find out why he left her and waiting desperately to talk to him, she realized she didn't want him or need him anymore. Claustrofobia was an amazing Spanish band from the 80’s, somebody sent me this track after hearing my EP. I didn’t think so much about the male vocal on this track, it was more about the lyrics being a metaphor for Ivan and it’s also a very Poison Arrow song ;)

La Sombra Sabe (Rumba Furiosa) lyrics:

If I cut your face

If I push you away

Give me what you have,

A shadow used to tell me outside a bar

And another shadow used to set a trap smoking in the dark.


If I cut your face,

If I push you away,

Give me what you have

Two shadows used to have fun outside a bar

While mine flew away.


It feels that you were drawing inspiration from different musical genres/movements and periods, can you speak to any particular feelings or ideas that you associate with these particular styles of music or periods?

The movie came out in 88, I think the 80’s was a very exciting and important time in Spain specially in Madrid with the countercultural movement “La Movida”. Self-assurance took over emotional spaces once occupied by fear during the Franco years. Almodóvar was very subversive at the time and he was one of the biggest representatives of this movement. I believe that his films contributed to the expansion of individual rights, especially those of women and LGBTQ communities so I wanted to draw inspiration from that time for my selection, to use it as a starting point for the mix towards a more contemporary sound.


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