Olfactive Rituals & Aesthetic Practice


Imagined if Jordovsky envisioned Holy Mountain as an olfactive experience or surreal-fantasy based in the aesthetic practice of Kōdō, a Japanese incense ceremony. An alchemist and his female assistants host a Kōdō ceremony, inviting the representatives of seven planets to come together “in a destruction of illusions, in order to reach reality”. There is the leader of Venus, representing the death of love and beauty and the creator of masks. The leader of Mars, a lesbian weapons manufacturer that represents the war industry and conspicuous consumption that sells the beautification of war. The leader of Jupiter, a wealthy art collector representing the mockery of abstract art with a factory similar to Andy Warhol and a love machine the simulate sex and orgasms. Then there is the leader from Saturn, a manufacture of toys for children and the manipulation of innocence and one from Uranus, a political finance advisor where the power of money is superior to authenticity of the individual. One from Neptune representing masculinity and fascist pursuits, and finally Pluto an architect and representation of the super-ego. The alchemist leads each planet through the transformative ritual of Kōdō, where each leader brings an incense which represents a symbol of their planet to burn along with their self-image. The result?

We are so please to be working on such a powerful performance art piece, and collaborative concept for this new incense company that brings together the surrealistic ideas of Jodorowsky with the aesthetic ceremonial practices of Kōdō. Stay tuned.

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INCENSEGavin Sorhaindo