Interactions of Color


A color is almost never seen as it really is… and scent?

I use to believe that if a visual was not appealing in black and white, it would never appeal in color. I guess this comes from a belief that people are most creative when resources and tools are restricted. The packaging for our perfumery has always been minimal - default - black and white. This is before our bottles shifted into a space of no branding, more abstraction and the use of transparent materials as a metaphor for the invisible nature of perfume. But now as we are preparing to launch the website for our creative olfactive agency, STUDIO FOLIE, I have been more drawn towards color. As I reference some of my old books on color theory, I am reminded by all the parallels between color and scent, especially with their relational aspects. Color and Scent are two natural and artistic devices that share similar properties and emotional capabilities. For example, if you look at the works of Josef Albers, you feel the true impact of how the mood of a composition can be altered completely by simply swapping out one color. Albers said that there are innumerable colors, shades and tones, but in our daily vocabulary there are only about 30 color names. This also can be said for perfume, in terms of how may ingredients in a perfume the average person can name, and even better arrive in their mind with an olfactive impression or smell of that ingredient.

In fact, when I look at the works of Josef Albers, I read his works like a perfume composition… more specifically a perfume formula. In the simplest of terms, the same colors in different configurations ultimately lead to a different emotional response or outcome, the same with perfume with the implementation and structuring of ingredients. Actually the more I think about Josef Albers work, the more I think someone should write a perfume formula for each of his palettes… in fact, maybe I will do this… But which perfumer has the creative vocabulary and desire to honestly articulate these intellectual works by Mr. Albers? Hmm… I will ask a few our noses… The research begins.

folie a plusieurs parfums josef albers
folie a plusieurs josef albers
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