Do You Read Me


It is amazing how much of visual culture - particularly film, contemporary art, and photography, have been inspired by non-visual references. There is great magic in mediums that are confined to non-visual representation (music, literature, perfume). How many times you have heard someone say “I read the book, but for some reason the film does not resonate with me or live up to what I had imagined it being.” Why is this so? Is it the distance between the two mediums of film and writing or does this feeling represent a severed tie between to the readers creative contribution to the material itself.

Like many non-visual mediums, literature pulls at the chords of our creative intellect and reserves a wide enough space for our imagination to inhabit, and build our world . The reader becomes a co-author of the narrative. Rather than simply entering a completely fixed visual landscape created by the author, the reader joins in the pen in coloring in his/her own images into the story, reconnecting us to our playful childlike imagination. Although restricted by the mode of articulation, a childs crayon and piece of paper becomes the medium for understanding and communication. This is similar to the experience of a perfume (or at least, what a perfume should aspire to be).

At Studio FOLIE we are so fortunate to live this playful experience everyday through the medium of scent and are humbled by the opportunity to apply our “aromatic imagination” to the new book “FIND ME”, by Andre Aciman (Published under Farrar, Straus and Giroux) that continues the story of Samuel, Elios and Oliver. His last book “CALL ME BY YOUR NAME” was translated to a film and for his new book “FIND ME” we were tasked in translating it into a scent… well more specifically two fragrances, by Studio FOLIE perfumers Mark Buxton and David Chieze.

Stay tuned! The fragrances launch with the book release of “FIND ME” next month.

Call Me By Your Name Folie - A - Plusieurs Parfums.jpg
Gavin Sorhaindo