Folie À Plusieurs is a creative studio that uses scent as a device for deepening the emotional and kinaesthetic engagement with art across a range of creative practices. Launched in 2015 by Kaya Sorhaindo, the studios aim is to elevate the cultural value of fragrance and broaden its use and relationship to the human experience. Conceptual olfactive works of limited production, fragrances are carefully composed and handcrafted by visionary perfumers in concert with works of international artists.

The name and practice of la Folie à Plusieurs / the Madness of Many  is inspired by the psychiatric syndrome ‘Folie à Deux’, conceptualized in 19th century French Psychiatry by Charles Lasègue and Jean-Pierre Falret in which symptoms of a delusional belief are transmitted from one individual to another. Folie has taken this condition of ‘Shared Madness’ as a creative process for the manner in which each of its olfactive projects are conceptualized and a metaphor for collaboration, creativity and contemporary perfumery.


Folie À Plusieurs