Introducing a range of cult, classic, independent and contemporary films, art-house perfumery FOLIE À PLUSIEURS and SPRING PLACE presents » LE CINÉMA OLFACTIF «; a monthly olfactive cinema series that brings together the mediums of contemporary perfumery and film under one experience. 

03.26 — 7pm 

The dazzlingly ambitious and beautifully filmed cinematic work of writer/director PAOLO SORRENTINO, LA GRANDE BELLEZZA (The Great Beauty) is the second olfactive film screening by art-house perfumery FOLIE À PLUSIEURS with an exclusive olfactive rendering by perfumer LUCAS SIEUZAC. In this thoroughly enthralling film a journalist who charmed and seduced his way through the lavish nightlife of and closed literary and social circles of Rome, later finds himself unexpectedly looking past the extravagance of Rome; a timeless landscape of absurd and exquisite beauty. 


La Grande Bellezza



Screening N˚2 — March 2018