BLACK (ghost site n˚—1)

BLACK (ghost site n˚—1)



40˚ 42' 38" N, 73˚ 55' 34" W

april ’18


site n˚—1

a F R A G R A N C E
by Lucas Sieuzac (Euro Fragrance)

The Location: BLACK

The Feeling: An underground minimal techno party in an abandoned warehouse filled with dark fog.

The Palette: Vetiver, Cypriol, Styrax, Sage Clary, Leather Accord, Cedarwood, Ginger.

»The scent explores the many facets of darkness, built around ingredients such a vetiver, cyprio, and styrax, and the variety of textures present in a warehouse party, including cement. Yet, there is a warmth and sense of comfort with the smell of resin and a complexity and deepness with ingredients such as leather accords, clergy sage, cedarwood, and ginger, framing the spirit of installation and techno industrial party” — Lucas Sieuzac


GHOST is a series of site-specific olfactive installations that seek to collect, articulate and assign smell to a particular space. Each GHOST fragrance, and corresponding installation, olfactively narrates the untold stories of a specific location.

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