La Haine

La Haine


an olfactive translation of
a moment somewhere between:

01:26:14 — 01:30:16


a F I L M
by  Mathieu Kassovitz,

a F R A G R A N C E
by Folie À Plusieurs

The Feeling — Burnt rubber tracks drawn on concrete pavement. Shattered glass, gun steel, 90's hip hop, gazelles and worn soles in housing projects.

The Palette — Cold aldehydes , bucchu sulphor, metallic bloody notes, rum aroma. bay oil , nutmeg, cardamom, leather, cold cedar, birch tar, burnt rubber. cedar atlas, dark musk, moss.

» A calm yet confrontational scent; that traces your neck like a sharp cold blade with bucchu sulphur, metallic bloody notes and cold aldehyde's. There is a feeling that something is going to happen with burnt rubber, cold cedar notes creating a concrete effect, combined with birch tar, leather and bay oil. Dying out on a cold, damp cellar smell with cedar atlas, dark musk and moss. «   



Fragrances that are created with the purpose of expanding the way that a film is observed, remembered and appreciated, while suggesting new compositions and areas of inspiration for contemporary perfumery.



» Le Cinéma Olfactif « is an ongoing olfactive film screening program of cult, classic, independent and contemporary films that are held at cinemas and art institutions worldwide. As apart of each olfactive screening an exclusive fragrance is created out of a visionary perfumers personal response to a specific moment or character in a film. The final scent is then integrated into the film screening experience and later offered as a perfume at Galerie Folie À Plusieurs.

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