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an olfactive stage 


a P E R F O R M A N C E
by  ·   · (dots) 

a F R A G R A N C E
by David Apel (SYMRISE)

Ingredients: Raspberry, Cassis, Jasmine Sambac, Orris, Turkish Rose, Patchouli, DeLaire Miel Essentiel, Labdanum.

“The vibrant fruitiness on top conveys the energy and excitement one gets from smelling alone. The heart of the fragrance gets a little dark, representing the moment when the sense of smell is lost, while the strong, sweet and animalic dry down symbolizes a sexual arousal when the sense of smell is finally regained” - David Apel


Ol·fac·to PHILIA

»Ol·fac·to PHILIA« consists of 18 sexual expressions experienced through sound, performance and scent in collaboration with the artists dots (· ·) and symrise. Each fragrance was conceived with the intention of interpreting the personal accounts of 18 different individuals with unusual erotic impulses and recreate the sensory and emotional experience associated with each of these individuals paraphilia. The project aims to expand audiences sensorial appreciation for intimacy and to stimulate an openness towards alternative modes of sensuality.     



Folie À Plusieurs/Performance. Time, Space, Body, Audience. A performance series conceived through a series of Olfactive Happenings and collaborative works with a range of international Performance Artists. For each performance an exclusive scent is developed and incorporated live into the the art experience. Some of these fragrances are offered for sale in the form of perfumes or olfactive objects, others only available onsite exclusively for guest that attend each performance. 

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