Pulling Down From The Ephemeral

Pulling Down From The Ephemeral


an olfactive response

a D A N C E
by  Brooke Stamp,
a F R A G R A N C E
by Jerome di Marino (TAKASAGO)

The Feeling — The dual energies through which the body hovers between cosmos and earth.

The Palette Rosin, Warm Skin Accord, Dust, Light Musk, Cypress Wood, Pine Sap.

»Pulling down from the ephemeral is perhaps at once a ‘tearing away’ as it is an act of ‘arrival’, … the bodily consciousness here is a consciousness of forces, … of the dual energies through which the body hovers between cosmos and earth.« - BROOKE STAMP 

» I imagined a fragrance around Rosin, the substance that dancers use on their ballet shoes, that smells of turpentine, resin, wood, dust, musk. Associated with light musky notes and spicy facets of a warm skin accord, I went further in the evocation of an atmospheric dance. For the dry down I stretched the scent using Cypress wood and Pine sap… You can then smell a tension between the tangibility of the body, of what is grounded to the floor, and the ephemeral aspiration of the cosmos energy: spirituality. « - JEROME DI MARINO (TAKASAGO)



Folie À Plusieurs/Movement is an ongoing series of fragrances that trace the steps of international dance companies and choreographic artists. Each fragrance has been conceived as a part of a dance piece performed and choreographed exclusively for Folie À Plusieurs.

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