Blow Up

Blow Up

from 71.00

an olfactive translation of
a moment


a F I L M
by  Michelangelo Antonioni,

a F R A G R A N C E
by Folie À Plusieurs

Ingredients: Absinth, Safran, Cardamone, Cassis Bourgeons, Oil Paint (Guash), Cedar Leaf, Myrrhe, Cypriol, Encens Pyrogenee, Chinese Cedar Wood, Ciste Labdanum, Bouleau, Leather, Woody Notes, Civette Abs. Amber.

Conceptual olfactive works of limited production — carefully composed and handcrafted by a range of visionary perfumers. 



In this olfactive film series each fragrance is created with the purpose of expanding the way that a film is observed, remembered and appreciated, while suggesting new compositions and areas of inspiration for contemporary perfumery.

» Le Cinéma Olfacti « is an ongoing olfactive film screening program of cult, classic, independent and contemporary films that are held at cinemas and art institutions worldwide. As apart of each olfactive screening an exclusive fragrance is created out of a visionary perfumers personal response to a specific moment or character in a film. The final scent is then integrated into the film screening experience and later launched as a perfume under Folie À Plusieurs fragrance archive.

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