Pulling Down From The Ephemeral

Pulling Down From The Ephemeral

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an olfactive response

a D A N C E
by  Brooke Stamp,
a F R A G R A N C E
by Jerome di Marino (TAKASAGO)


Ingredients: Rosin, Warm Skin Accord, Dust, Light
Musk, Cypress Wood, Pine Sap.

»Pulling down from the ephemeral is perhaps at once a ‘tearing away’ as it is an act of ‘arrival’, … the bodily consciousness here is a consciousness of forces, … of the dual energies through which the body hovers between cosmos and earth.« - BROOKE STAMP 

» I imagined a fragrance around Rosin, the substance that dancers use on their ballet shoes, that smells of turpentine, resin, wood, dust, musk. Associated with light musky notes and spicy facets of a warm skin accord, I went further in the evocation of an atmospheric dance. For the dry down I stretched the scent using Cypress wood and Pine sap… You can then smell a tension between the tangibility of the body, of what is grounded to the floor, and the ephemeral aspiration of the cosmos energy: spirituality. « - JEROME DI MARINO (TAKASAGO)



Folie À Plusieurs/Movement is an ongoing series of fragrances that trace the steps of international dance companies and choreographic artists. Each fragrance has been conceived as a part of a dance piece performed and choreographed exclusively for Folie À Plusieurs.

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