There is no other way to EXPERIENCE a fragrance than to SMELL it. We believe you should not only WEAR are fragrance, but should LIVE through it. Be the first to smell and experience fragrances that are created monthly through our » Le Cinéma Olfactif « film screening program and other contemporary olfactive projects. In the first week of each month you will receive a 2.5ml sample. You can select a subscription for 3 months (3 fragrances) a total of $24.00 USD, 6 months (6 fragrances) $48.00 USD or 12 months (12 fragrances) a total of $96.00 USD. All subscription prices include shipping.


Fragrance Subscription



A New Conceptual Fragrance Delivered To You Each Month

from 24.00

A new 2.5ML Le Cinéma Olfactif fragrance sent to you each month. 


Le Cinema Olfactif

In this olfactive film series each fragrance is created with the purpose of expanding the way that a film is observed, remembered and appreciated, while suggesting new compositions and areas of inspiration for contemporary perfumery.

Le Cinéma Olfactif is a monthly olfactive film screening program held at cinemas and art institutions worldwide. For each olfactive screening a visionary perfumer is invited to create a fragrance out of a personal response to a moment or scene in the film. The final fragrance is integrated into the film screening experience, launched in limited quantity and added to the Folie À Plusieurs olfactive library.

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